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Making Friends: The Art of Social Networking in Life and Online
Series: Communicating with Confidence / Author: Jared Meyer
Subjects: Relationships, Technology and Networking
Genre: Psychology

(1) Friendship Basics
(2) Social Networking: Online and Offline
(3) Developing New Contacts
(4) Maintaining Your Friendships
(5) Building Lifelong Relationships

Premise: This is a highly relevant, dynamic, 80-page book on how to develop satisfying relationships in a digital age filled with opportunity overload. Originally written for teensit’s a great book for every adult who values developing and maintaining long-term relationships both personal and professional. While being a quick read, Making Friends often digs deeper than Dale Carnegie’s How To Win Friends and Influence People.

Description: “With the popularity of social networking sites such as Facebook, young people have more opportunity than ever to connect to peers, keep in touch with friends, and make new online friends. But over the Internet, it can be hard to distinguish true friends from virtual ones. This volume contains fascinating sidebars and informed text that offer readers some practical tips on how to balance online friendships with face-to-face relationships.”


College and Careers
Extreme Careers: Homeland Security OfficersExtreme Careers: Working in a War Zone: Military ContractorsUniversity of Maryland: Off the Record

Critical Thinking Skills
Strategies for Recalling KnowledgeStrategies for Synthesis

Relationships & Communication
Divorce and StepfamiliesFrequently Asked Questions About DivorceFrequently Asked Questions About Being an Immigrant Teen*Frequently Asked Questions About Religious Discrimination


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* 2009 Distinguished Achievement Award Finalist by The Association of Educational Publishers