Client: American Express
“Great job! Informative!”
“Jared very helpful and pleasant. Enjoyed very much.”
“Felt speaker was absolutely terrific.”
“The speaker knew his stuff and covered the topic well.”
“Jared was awesome!”


“Clear, upbeat & positive. Outstanding!” – Patsy B.

“High energy & fast-paced.” – Frank F.

“Enthusiastic, entertaining speaker.” – Lisa C.

“The content was clear, concise & focused. Jared’s personable approach made for a presentation that felt like he was conversing with not talking to the audience members.” – Roger B.

“Jared did a great job in delivering the material and the workbook is good. Attendees were engaged in the presentation and left with valuable information.” – Javier R.

“This program gave my group lots of ideas concerning their future.” – Donna R.

“Excellent overall content. The presenter did a great job.” – Michael S.

“Good presenter – did not try and talk over the group. Excellent info and keys to success backed w/statistics, demo w/audience members w/interview. Excellent program – what every attendee needs.” – D. N.

UCSD – “Dangerous Ambition”
100% Lecture

– It was an interesting presentation. The format of the speech was different.
– It was cool. I really liked [his] message. I think I really needed it.
– Seemed that you prepared longer than 20 min.! I liked it.
– Good message being expressed, humor made [the] presentation entertaining.
– Very fast-paced and spontaneous.
– I think I’m in a way like that – wanting to do everything. It was helpful and I related to it.
– Quirky, funny, entertaining.
– Very interesting, I like the examples that [were] given.
– His enthusiasm rubbed off on me.
– … maybe it was the energy he conveyed – he was very effective at holding attention.
– The spontaneity of his presentation was rather mesmerizing.
– The speech [felt] a bit different from other speeches I have heard.
– Your life seems pretty interesting.
– He did very well in communicating the ideas clearly and understandably.

UCSD – “Dangerous Ambition”
50/50 Facilitated Group Discussion & Lecture

– Very interesting, honest, and unusual.
– I thought the topic was interesting. It definitely got me thinking and it actually is a topic I feel very strongly about.
– It was a lot of fun. It was very personal and I liked that. I felt like I got to know my peers more.
– I liked how he had people talk who were silent the whole time. He got everyone involved.
– I liked how he sat down instead of standing up and walking around. It made me feel like he was one of us. It truly felt like a counseling [session] rather than a lecture.
– Nice, conversational.
– It’s really interesting, I can relate with lots of the hectic things in life.
– A little unorthodox, but engaging.
– It was an interesting presentation. He was energetic and showed his enthusiasm.

UCSD – “Dangerous Ambition”
80% Facilitated Group Dis
cussion & 20% Lecture

– I thought the presentation was very dynamic and thought provoking.
– I thought it was done well.
– He had very interesting ideas
– I thought it was interesting and entertaining.
– He was very clear, effective, and very personable.
– Some information was more helpful than other information (i.e. the “Five Aspects of Life” was good.)
– It was a good presentation because it made me think about the consequences of being too ambitious.
– I thought it was well thought out and that you had a lot of personal things to share with us. I think you did a good job of getting everyone to say something.
– Relaxed and interesting. 

Other Groups

“Several of the members came up after the meeting to say what a good job you did. You were funny, quick and provided some information that our members can definitely use.”
J. C.

“You are doubtlessly the person who can pull off teaching them some new tricks without ruffling their fur.”
J. C.

“It would be great to have you come lead a discussion for the group, and you could give information about your organization as well.”
J. B.

“I wanted to thank you for being there. You were definitely the life and joy of the meeting. It was your humor and YOUR enthusiasm and attitude that got me through. Seriously, had it not been for you making it so enjoyable, well… I might have fallen asleep in my coffee.”
B. C.

“I wanted to let you know I appreciate your willingness to help me with ideas and I was inspired to take action. I scheduled my first workshop in August and now I need to put it all together. I’m excited and nervous. I checked out your web site and I was impressed with what you are doing as a professional speaker…”

Social Networking

“I wanted to reach out to you on behalf of our entire social media team here at We really appreciate all of your feedback, comments, and overall contribution to our Facebook community. We value advocates like you who bring an optimistic outlook to share with our other fans, and we take into account all the great suggestions you have to make Match better for our members. We hope you continue to frequent our page with your encouragement and insight. Thanks again!”
Molly, Community Manager,